Fitness Accountability

Moms need to be held accountable too! It’s tough having to juggle everyone else’s schedules let alone ours! Sometimes, our needs are put on the back burner but here to help us get ourselves back on our own track is Fitness Accountability!
Looking for a FREE app to motivate you to meet your #fitness goals? Download #FitAcc to create a customized workout schedule and hold yourself accountable.

It Will Motivate You to get to gym
Set workouts and get reminders, Track your made and missed workouts, and View your calendar to see how well you’ve done. Set a penalty amount to motivate you.

You Select and Customize your program
Work with a trainer or by yourself. Pick anywhere from 21 days to 12 weeks. Define anywhere from 3 to 7 workouts per week at any location you want.

Tracks by GPS and Time to hold you accountable
The App will prompt you to Check-in and Check-out at the workout location to make sure you put in the time.

Get started today! #workout #motivation #lift #gains

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