Fit Exercise Into Your Life

Fit Exercise Into Your Life

By Catherine Ryan

Fit exercise into your life. As you probably know, trying to shoehorn exercise into an already packed schedule only ends in I’ll-do-it-tomorrow pledges and missed workouts. The secret to fitting in exercise — and sticking with it — is to make it work for you and your life instead of feeling like it’s one more item tacked onto your to-do list.

First, you need to change how you think about exercise, says Amanda Visek, a professor of exercise science at George Washington University. Working out doesn’t have to mean monotonous treks on a treadmill or trying to somehow conjure up an extra hour for a gym visit. Check out these strategies for how to fit in exercise and feel motivated to keep up a routine:

1. Make exercise fun.
If your idea of working out is doing an activity you don’t like (jogging, anyone?), it’s guaranteed to feel like a chore. To get motivated and keep coming back for more, you must find something you enjoy, says Visek. Think about what you like. Did you love bike riding as a kid? Dust off your old 10-speed! Even dancing — like salsa or swing lessons — gets your heart pumping and counts toward the recommended 30 minutes of exercise women should aim for per day.

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