Finding Your Spirit Animal Quiz

Go outside. Hike, bike, walk – the more time you spend outside the closer of a relationship you build to nature – which will help you tap into finding your spirit animal.


Pay attention to what the universe presents to you. Are you starting to see elephants everywhere? On television, in the book your children are reading and on the internet? It might be a sign that your spirit animal is calling you.

Hang out with animals as much as possible. Whether its your pet dog, taking your kids to the zoo or taking it to the amazing extreme of going on safari in Tanzania.

What are you dreaming about? Are any animals appearing in your dreams? Keep a journal by your bed and jot down notes of what you dreamt about as soon as you wake up (if you wait until later in the day your mind won’t remember). Your dreams have hints – listen to them.

What animals have you always been attracted to? Did you have a special stuffed animal lion when you were a kid? What animal did you say was your favorite when you were only a few years old? There are clues there…

Finally, be aware of unusual animal behavior around you. Does a particular animal always turn up? For a friend of mine – she always had a snake show up wherever she was – which is a powerful symbol of kundalini awakenings (that’s a whole other article). If there is an animal that’s always appearing there is a strong indication that it’s your spirit animal!

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