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Being the modern woman is empowering, amazing, complicated and sometimes exhausting.

It’s also absolutely crazy and often completely unrealistic. We are all trying to “do it all”. Whether it’s shattering the glass ceiling with our high heels, our being the “Kate Middleton” mom (gorgeous, fit and polished at all times).

Between preparing (superfood) meals for ourselves and our families, going to the gym, driving everyone where they need to go (daycare, ballet, hockey, yoga, saxophone lessons), keeping the house looking decent, taking care of pets, kids, in-laws, maybe even direct reports… it’s all just so much. And then there is all of our other responsibilities and roles (friend,wife, colleague, volunteer etc.). How on earth do we gracefully survive?

We’re all looking for our secret weapon – a life coach, a new dress, a massage (make that a spa day) or a good bottle of wine.

It is the little things in life that can help make it all better and I am in love with  Tiny Devotions  who has a fun – slightly “woo” but empowering way to help you tap into your infinite possibility.

How else to brave the perfectly-imperfect life as a modern woman then to tap into the sacred wisdom that animals bring.

What are they talking about?

Finding your spirit animal.

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