Finding Romance: How to Bring the Passion Back After Baby

By: Sara Holliday

Couples, prior to baby, cherish the time they spend together. Romantic moments are often carefree and fun. Flirting, deep kissing, and caressing are exciting and passion is alive and well. When two people contemplate having children they often fantasize about a picture-perfect family. They may envision a cute little baby, Jane in ballerina tutu, Bobbie practicing ball, family trips and togetherness. But, when parents leave the hospital with their newborn, reality sets in and the day-to-day demands and responsibility of taking care of a new family member can be extremely taxing on a relationship.

From sleepless nights, to demands of a crying, fussy baby, it all takes a toll on mom and dad. There’s little time or energy left to give to each other and a desire for intimacy ebbs. Even the strongest couples face challenges re-kindling the romantic spark they had prior to baby. This lack of romance can continue on through the child’s development. When the parents aren’t connecting on an emotional and physical level, it impacts the children and can result in isolation, depression, poor grades and acting out. Having worked with couples as a marriage-family therapist, I have identified five fail-proof connection tips that will unite mom and dad and bring the passion back into their family.

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