Finding Courage to Follow Your Dreams


Finding Courage to Follow Your Dreams

By Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

Finding courage to follow your dreams. I always knew I was going to be a doctor — a neonatal surgeon, in fact. I knew I was going to spend my life rescuing little babies and working on medical breakthroughs. Not that I wanted to — not at all.

My dream life looked completely different and it certainly didn’t involve working in a hospital. Yet, I wanted to make my daddy, a general physician, proud. I wanted to show him that I had what it took to succeed. So, off I went to the US to study nursing. And I was miserable. Fortunately, I hit the breaks after a short few months and I corrected my life’s course.

Most people don’t. Most people will spend their lives chasing somebody else’s dream, somebody else’s goals. They get the degree their teachers wanted them to get. They work their way up the career ladder their parents wanted them to climb. They settle, because that’s what everybody else does. That’s why many of us end up feeling frustrated and trapped in life, work or our relationships; destined to soon look back at life feeling like we’ve missed it all.

But that’s not what you want, right?

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