Find Out Why This Nail Art Printer Is So Important For Girls In The Tech World

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While I absolutely love going to my local spa for an afternoon of pure bliss, I don’t do it very often. Getting manicures and pedicures several times a month can get very pricey, and that’s why I only do it if I have an important event coming up or if I’ve had an incredibly lousy week and just want to escape for a little bit.

But for those who like to their nails at home like me, it looks like we finally have our solution: the Nail Bot. It is a device that instantly prints art onto your fingernails using your smartphone.

Sounds simple and easy enough, doesn’t it?

Well, the makers of the Nailbot are hoping that it will help attract girl to the cutting edge of the innovative tech world as they want more young girls to express themselves and have fun with the help of technology. The product sells for about $199.

CEO and co-founder Pree Walia told NPR News: “It is a beauty tool, but for young girls it’s a learning tool. Girls can design their own Nailbot art. It’s really a mobile platform for art with uses well beyond fingernails.”

Tell us Hot Moms, is this a product that you would be interested in for either yourself or your daughters? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source via NPR

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