Find Out Why This Judge is Desperate to Keep a Baby On Life Support

I try to keep my political beliefs to myself (how many people do you hear say something like that on social media these days?) but when it comes to our children, I do believe that every child deserves a fighting chance at life. That’s also the reason why I thank my lucky stars everyday that my own two children are healthy and happy. While there’s no doubt that life will throw us curve balls in the future, I try not to take any of the special days I have with my family for granted.

With that being said though, there’s one very special baby fighting for his life right now. And a judge from Tennessee is desperate to keep him on life support even though doctors want him off.  They believe that there is still hope for 7 month old Steffen Rivenburg Jr., who was born with heart defects but was not sick until after Child Protective Services seized custody of him and his older sister on February 2. Here’s his story.

newborn baby
Credit: Shutterstock/Elizabeth Rodgers

It’s doctors versus the parents versus the judge

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