Find Out Why These Two Moms Were Kicked Out Of A Store Because Of Their Kids


Two mothers named Monica Briones and Holly Montellano recently took their eight children on a shopping trip to their local King Dollar store in Angleton, Texas. But a simple shopping trip soon turned into a shouting match after the mothers were told to leave the store because of their children’s behavior. Sounds all to familiar? Well, it is because it’s a scenario that we see all too often, right mamas? But I’m not talking about parents being kicked out of stores, but parents unable to control their children’s behavior in public.

Here’s a little more from Yahoo Parenting:

The store clerk tries to usher the women and their children out of the store. When the women refused, instead demanding a phone number for the store owner and telling the clerk not to speak to them in a rude manner, the clerk loses her temper and screams at them. Everything was recorded on a cell phone.

“Our babies were actually just fine. On good behavior and were being super sweet in King Dollar tonight,” Montellano wrote in the caption of the video post. “When Monica put something down that she decided she didn’t want, the lady behind the counter yelled at her to hand anything she didn’t want to her. We had a basket full that I kindly told her I decided I did not want. … She also yells about how many kids we have with us! If you’re familiar with this store you know it’s always dirty!”

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