This Dad’s Dangerous Baby Photos Will Freak You Out

As much as I hate to admit it, I’m something a helicopter mom. As much as I’m trying to teach my kids how to think for themselves and know what to do in difficult situations, I want to be there as well. I want to be behind them to make sure that they are looking both ways before crossing a street or better yet, monitor them in the kitchen while they are using sharp knives and the stove on their own. After all, they’re still kids and as we all know, anything can happen at anytime!

That’s why so many people can’t understand why this dad is literally putting his baby in dangerous everyday situations. Either he wants to give us mothers instant heart attacks or he’s playing a really cruel trick on his wife. Either way, you’ve got to see these photos.

Dublin dad
Credit: Facebook/Stephen Crowley

Should people be freaking out over these photos?

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