Find Out Why Kelly Rowland Is NOT Buying Any Gifts For Her 12-Month-Old Son This Year

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While Beyonce loves to shower her 3-year-old daughter Blue Ivy with lavish gifts like $1500 Marc Jacobs booties or exclusive designer clothes, her good pal Kelly Rowland seems to be quite the opposite. In fact, the former chart topper says she’s not buying any presents for her 1-year-old son Titan this holiday season and she has a good reason why, too.

She told the New York Post newspaper’s Page Six column: ”He’s gotten so much stuff in one year. When he was born, he was set for next Christmas. We’re going to honestly pull some of those toys out and wrap them . . . He’ll be set until he’s three.”

Honestly, this makes a lot of sense. I mean, when kids are that young they don’t really remember anything when it comes to their birthdays or holidays or the gifts they get. I know of so many parents that go the distance when it comes to their child’s first Christmas but I can’t help but wonder what for. My kids are much older now and they still get bored rather quickly after playing with their toys so why bother spending so much money on them, right?

Plus, I always knew Kelly would end up being a smart and sensible celebrity mama! LOVE her.

Tell us Hot Moms, could you NOT buy any presents for your children during Christmas? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source via Xpose

Photo source via Kelly Rowland/Instagram

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