Find Jeans That Fit — and Flatter


Find Jeans That Fit — and Flatter

By Elena Donovan Mauer

Find jeans that fit, and flatter! Open my closet and you’ll find at least 20 pairs of jeans. Light, dark, cropped, boot-cut, skinny — they’re all there. I’ve been blessed with workplaces where wearing denim was a-OK, and just like most Americans, I live in jeans over the weekend. So to me, finding a great pair is really worth some extra effort.

Unfortunately, a lot of women really struggle to find jeans they love. I used to too. But here are some tricks I’ve picked up that make the process of searching for the perfect jeans so much easier:


  1. Invest.
    Yes, it seems a little crazy to spend a huge amount of money on a casual item of clothing. But designer jeans tend to have just the right amount of stretch to hug the right curves and, well, make your butt look good. They also don’t tend to feel stiff the way lower-priced jeans usually do after a few washings. If you’re afraid to drop a large sum of cash, be sure to look for sales at the end of the season. Also, designer discount sites like, and often sell high-end jeans at lower prices.


  1. Seek variety.

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