Finally! Women Can Now Rent Their Maternity Clothes


When I was pregnant some eight years ago, I did what most of my friends did at the time and sold my used pregnancy clothes on eBay. Sure, the clothes were cute, but let’s face it, they are also a little on the pricey side and there was a good chance that I wasn’t going to where them again. With both of my pregnancies being polar opposites of each other, I was a completely different size during my second pregnancy and ended up buying a whole new maternity wardrobe, too (that I ended up selling online as well).

Now, according to reports, mamas on a budget can rent their maternity clothes. OH YES!

Subscription rental company Le Tote is now offering maternity apparel to its subscribers.

Fast Company reports that when Le Tote launched in 2012, it offered “mystery boxes” of clothing that women could keep and return at their leisure, like Netflix discs, for a monthly subscription fee. Eventually, Tondon added the ability to purchase items, which now makes up a significant amount of the startup’s revenue, and also to choose the clothes in each box.

For a flat fee of $59/month, maternity subscribers have unlimited access to personalized deliveries of stylish maternity clothes and trendy accessories, giving expectant mothers an affordable option to stay comfortable and fashionable throughout their pregnancy and postpartum.

For more, check out Le Tote’s site here.

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