Finally A Running Magazine Features A Plus Size Runner On It’s Cover!

Women’s Running magazine has been making headlines everywhere and it’s all because of the cover of their August issue. Women’s Running decided that it was time to feature a plus sized runner on the cover, and the response has been amazing!


Plus-size model Erica Schenk is featured on the cover of the August issue of the magazine proving that runners come in all shapes and sizes. Editor-in-chief Jessica Sebor spoke to and talked about why they put Erica on the cover;

“There’s a stereotype that all runners are skinny, and that’s just not the case,” Sebor said. “Runners come in all shapes and sizes. You can go any race finish line, from a 5K to a marathon, and see that. It was important for us to celebrate that.

“I think that every woman goes to the magazine rack sometimes and feels like she can’t see herself in the cover images,” she added. “We wanted our readers to feel like they could see themselves in our cover.”

I love this so much! I’ve been running for about 8 years now and I’ve never been that skinny, super athletic type that I always see on the cover of magazines and like Sebor said, I’ve often seen people of all shapes and sizes at the finish lines of races. Anyone can run so I’m happy to see that magazines like Women’s Running are recognizing that and showing it in their magazine!

What do you think about this cover Hot Moms?


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