5 Festive Drinking Games To Spice Up Your Relationship This Holiday

'Tis the season.

When you’re in a relationship — whether old or new — it’s good to have time together. Carving out space in a busy holiday schedule is not easy, but it is so important. Often we put our relationship at the bottom of the to-handle list, making sure everyone else has their needs met first. But, that’s not the smartest move. Instead of just pushing through the holiday season being frazzled from too much to do, invest some time and you’ll feel refreshed. You will go into the new year with a sense of happy in your relationship and there’s no better way to kick that off than with some festive drinking games — just for the grown ups.

We’ve all heard of drinking games and probably played more than a few during our younger years. Well, there is no need to leave that fun in the past because drinking with your partner can be just as fun. Instead of putting on just another boring Christmas movie and waiting for someone to fall asleep — have some fun.

We’ve rounded up some fun festive drinking games for you and your partner to play to help spice up your evening. There is nothing like some cheer and giggles to get through the stress of parenting in the holidays. Of course, drinking responsibly, but having some fun as well. So, settle in with your favorite drink and have some fun.

Check out these festive drinking games that will get you through wrapping gifts or holiday stresses.

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Devan McGuinness

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