Favorite Pink Products to Help Save Boobs and Cure Cancer!

It is that time of year.. were we can all help make a difference and buy products that support Breast Cancer Research. We at Hotmoms have a few favorites. Jewelry, clothing, housewares, tea and children essentials can all help fight the cure! Go to these sites buy something for yourself or a family member and know proceeds are going to help those in need.


Julia Fikse wants to save the ta-tas, including yours! Exposed to the effects of breast cancer at an early age when her grandmother lost both breasts to the disease, Fikse learned the value of accepting and loving oneself no matter your appearance. After a second run-in with breast cancer in 2004 when another family member had a mastectomy and questioned her femininity, Fikse realized the importance of promoting self beauty and confidence in the hearts of women battling breast cancer and she has dedicated herself to making a difference by launching the cheeky t-shirt line ta-tas. Now that’s called using your assets.

uptown liz

Ramona Russell is a natural promoter. Whether she’s raving about a new website or a cause close to her heart, Ramona is always promoting the things she is passionate about. Ramona used her talents to start a company in memory of her 28 year olds sister Liz, who was lost to breast cancer in 2006. The products that she features on her site are from companies whose proceeds directly give back to charitable organizations.

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