Father’s Office Burger Recipe

Father’s Office Burger Recipe

By: Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff

Okay I think this is my favorite hamburger recipe of all time:

If you live in Los Angeles, you know about Father’s Office hamburgers, which were served out of a eensy-weensy bar on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, where you had to fight for a table and got the stink-eye from the waitress if you dared ask for mayo, but the burgers, which centered around gruyere cheese and the most ridiculously, amazingly, awesomely seasoned hamburger meat, are simply the best you’ve ever tasted in your life.

Now F.O.’s opened a second outpost in Culver City at the old Helm’s Bakery, and the burgers are good, but there’s something about that grill over on Montana…

Anyway. I was playing around with a little soy/ginger/teriyaki sauce combo, mixing it with the meat with a few sesame seeds and Eureka!

Hot off the grill, with your eyes closed, this burger’s a close second to F.O. Santa Monica.
I lost the gruyere and serve it with salad instead of sweet potato fries (those are simply too difficult without a fryer, and hot oil terrifies me with a toddler in the kitchen).
My kids LOVE this burger!!
Here’s how you do it:
You can mix up your own soy/ginger/teriyaki sauce, but easier yet, pick up a bottle of similarly flavored marinade (I like Soy Vay Veri Veri Teriyaki www.soyvay.com).

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