Dad Throws Infant Daughter Off Roof During Stand-Off With Police


This is absolutely horrifying. During a stand-off with police in Kwadwesi, South Africa, a father threw his infant daughter off of a roof. The 38-year-old unidentified man was protesting the demolition of his illegal shack, in an apparent township dispute with officials. For some reason, the man took his 1-year-old daughter onto the roof of his home, as protesters and police surrounding the dwelling. One policeman climbed up onto the roof to try to talk to him, and that’s when things went horribly wrong.

The man was dangling his daughter over the edge of the roof by the ankle. Before anyone could react, the father threw his baby over the edge of the roof. The entire terrifying ordeal was captured in photographs. Images show the policeman rushing toward the man, but he was too late to stop him from throwing his daughter into the crowd below.

Amazingly, the baby was caught by another policeman positioned on the ground, and suffered no physical injuries. The man was arrested, and is being charged with attempted murder. I can’t imagine what would push a father to this point, but thank goodness there was someone there to catch her!

The drama unfolded after a series of illegal shacks were slated to be demolished.

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