This Father And Son’s Epic Scrabble Battle Is Hilarious

They’ve been challenging each other for years.

I like a good game of Scrabble. It’s been ages since I’ve had a live match with friends or relatives in person. These days I get my Scrabble fix on my phone by playing the “Computer.” Admittedly it’s not as fun as playing a real human being but you pick up so many tips that it’s definitely worth it.

I’ve yet to test them out on my Scrabble pals in real life though. These days everyone is obsessed with Words With Friends, which is way too slow for me. It’s nothing like sitting at a dining room table, getting into a really competitive match. There’s nothing like watching your opponent throw down an impressive word that you’ve NEVER heard of and being too embarrassed to challenge them just in case it is actually genuine and you look stupid. Words With Friends can’t replace that look on your pal’s face when you pull out a fabulous word that THEY’VE never heard and you mentally triple dog dare them to challenge you just so you can relish looking smug while keeping your points.

I forgot about how fabulous that is until I saw Los Angeles-based TV writer Owen Ellickson live tweet his very competitive Scrabble match with his dad.

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Marissa Charles

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