Father Reveals Embarrassing Moment When 3-Year-Old Daughter Points Out His Manhood In Public Restroom

Ha! This is why I sometimes go to the internet whenever I’m in need of a smile or just a good chuckle. An unidentified man took to his Reddit account to share with the world what his daughter said about his manhood when he took her to a public men’s restroom during an outing recently.

Talking about how his daughter exclaimed that he had a “small penis” he was left completely red-faced after the incident. Here’s the entire post:

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 11.33.27 AM

So far, he’s gotten over 1,000 responses in less than 24 hours with other commenters sharing tidbits such as, “I started a diet and exercise regiment when my (at the time) three-year-old son walked in on me taking a shower. He shoved open the shower door, took a look at me and said “Hey! You’ve got boobs like Mommy”.'” Ha!

Either way, this is a really funny story. The dad here is lucky that his daughter didn’t remind him to “wash his vagina” in front of everyone, too! I mean, because that’s something a little kid would totally say, right? Ha!

Source via The Daily Mail

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