Dad Confronts Father-in-Law For Constantly Teasing His Daughter

It didn't go as expected

When you become a parent yourself it’s a little strange because your relationship with your own parents and your in-laws changes too. You have to put your child’s best interest at hart and there might be times where those interests don’t align with what your mother would do, or your father-in-law, or any of your older relatives. It can be awkward at times as you try to balance your relationship with your parents and trying to find your own ways as parents now yourself.

There will be fights, there will be disagreements, and you might find yourself rolling your eyes here and there at their advice or unnecessary comments. Hopefully, for the most part, you know that your father-in-law, mother-in-law, your parents, or anyone else really does mean well and you can take what they say with a grain of salt. Or if you all disagree with something, they understand your role is the parent and won’t make a big deal about it.

We know that’s, unfortunately, not the case for every family and one dad recently took to Reddit to share his encounter with his father-in-law that was uncomfortable at the time — and his reaction to the whole thing didn’t make it easier.

A distraught dad took to the forum to share the story of him confronting his father-in-law ad the escalation that followed.

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