Father Storms School and Holds First-Grade Teacher Hostage

When we kiss our children goodbye and send them off to school every morning, I’m pretty sure that we have enough faith in their school to keep them safe and sound, always. It’s up to the school’s administration and staff to look after our children as if they were their own. At least, that’s my hope. I’m putting my two most precious assets in someone else’s hands, and want to be assured that they are being treated as so.

Yet, how would you react if you knew that your children’s lives were in danger at school? Or worse, that a parent had barged in and took a teacher hostage in what can only be described as a horrifying standoff? It’s frightening just to think about it, right?

Well, that’s exactly what happened at one particular elementary school in San Diego, California. And let me warn you, this didn’t end peacefully, either. I can only imagine how horrifying this had to have been for everyone involved, including the parents who have children at this school. It’s also yet another reminder that stuff like this can happen anywhere at anytime.

My heart aches for everyone involved.

Credit: LA Times / Screengrab

Here’s what happened.

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