This Father-of-Two Opened Up About HIS Postnatal Depression

After the birth of our second child, I could tell that something just wasn’t right with my husband. After the birth of our first daughter, he was very hands-on, excited, jumpy, and willing to learn and be as hands-on as he could be.

The second time around didn’t feel that way. He was more distant, agitated and grumpier than usual. I attributed this to problems he had at work during the time and didn’t think it had something to do with the post-baby blues. After all, I was the one who physically gave birth to our child. It was my hormones that were causing a ruckus inside of me. But apparently, something triggered my husband at that time too and little did I know that he was dealing with post-baby depression. For him, something happened where he just didn’t feel the same way about the birth of our second child like he did with our first. And it was causing an internal struggle within him that he just couldn’t explain.

And apparently, there are a lot of fathers just like him who deal with the same emotions. That’s why mothers are applauding this father for opening up about his true and honest post-natal feelings after the birth of his first child. And when you hear what he has to say, it will probably give you a better understanding of how men deal with the same rollercoaster of emotions that we sometimes deal with, too.

daddy depression
Credit: ITV/Screengrab

Yes, men get the post-baby blues just like we do.

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