Fast Fixes for Fashion Fails

Fast Fixes for Fashion Fails

By Michele Meyer

Fast fixes for fashion fails. Murphy’s Law gets us every time: The farther you are from a sewing kit and tool drawer, the more likely it is that you’ll be in need of a fashion fix. Whether it’s a dangling hem, broken heel or loose button, the key is to “stay calm and be creative about a temporary solution,” says Lilliana Vazquez, author of The Cheap Chica’s Guide to Style: Your Guide to Shopping Cheap and Looking Chic. “And take comfort: No one’s looking that closely.”

Here’s how Vazquez and stylist Ruthanne Rosen handle fashion fails:

Fashion Fail: The back clip of your earring falls off, never to be seen again.
Fashion Fix: “Rip the eraser off a pencil, snap it in half and stick it on the earring post. Just make sure you wear your hair down that day, and no one will notice,” says Rosen. “Office supplies are a huge fashion-industry secret.”

Fashion Fail: Your skirt or pants are wrinkled, and there’s no time to set up the ironing board.
Fashion Fix: Your flat hair iron makes a great substitute — no board needed. If your collar needs an extra perk-up, stiffen the fabric with a spritz of firm-hold hair spray.

Fashion Fail: Static cling makes your skirt tangle around your legs.
Fashion Fix: Once again, hair spray comes to the rescue. Spray inside the skirt and add a couple of spritzes to your tights, says Vazquez.

Fashion Fail: A rushed morning leaves makeup stains on your blouse.

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