Farrah Abraham Says Her “Teen Mom OG” Co-Stars Are Trash

She sounds like a wonderful person to work with.

Reality Star Farrah Abraham has no problem biting the hand that feeds her. Abraham first arrived in the public’s consciousness in 2009 when she was cast in the MTV  reality show 16 and Pregnant. Since then, Abraham has appeared on several other reality shows, including MTV’s spin-off of 16 and PregnantTeen Mom. She’s also dipped her toe into the food, music, modeling, and porn industries.  She’s all over the place.

For someone who seems to change careers the way some people change their underwear, you’d think that Abraham would make a conscious effort to stay in the good graces of the people and companies who have given her opportunities. Except this is Farrah Abraham, someone who was once described as “underhanded” by Vivid Entertainment. Farrah Abraham doesn’t care about maintaining healthy working relationships. Farrah only cares about herself.

While watching an episode of Teen Mom on Monday night, Farrah Abraham was once again being her rude, outrageous self. Instead of calling up a friend to gossip, Abraham took to Twitter to not only bash MTV, but also the show that made her famous and her fellow teen moms.

What a gal. Farrah Abraham, who has a history of beefing with MTV’s parent company, Viacom, didn’t hold back in her tweet about the show.

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