Farrah Abraham Is Getting Dragged After Promoting Her Videos On Sophia’s Twitter


There are more than a handful of women who have come into the Reality TV world through 16 & Pregnant. Most of the ones still on people’s radar went on to be featured in Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2, or the latest Teen Mom OG. There are several women who aren’t exactly liked for various reasons. A few stand out more than others. But, I’m not sure there is anyone who stands out as the most disliked quite like Farrah Abraham does.

She had one of the saddest storylines coming on to the now widely popular MTV franchise. She was only 16-years-old and pregnant, like all the other young ladies. But, Farrah Abraham’s story was way sadder because the father of her unborn baby died in a car crash. He never got to meet his baby girl, Sophia. And Farrah has basically been on her own — with her parents help here and there — since.

However, if you have even seen her on TV for like 5 minutes you’ll see why she has a hard time getting people to like or understand her. She comes across as super rude. She is short with people, and Farrah doesn’t really have a filter on her mouth. Also, she makes decisions that others might not and that’s always ruffling feathers.

Well, the latest to come out of the Teen Mom OG star made fans and foes mad after she posted something to her daughter’s Twitter account that was… not age-appropriate.

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Devan McGuinness

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