Farrah Abraham’s Daughter Sophia Says She ‘Never Wants to See’ Her Grandma Again

Has Farrah Abraham crossed the line this time?

It’s not a secret that Farrah Abraham is a controversial celebrity and according to some people, a controversial mother, too. Simply put, she’s not your traditional parent. She once tried to pluck her daughter’s eyebrows, threw a sleepover for Sophia on a school night and has exposed certain things to her that other parents wouldn’t dare even do. If that weren’t enough, some critics say that little Sophia even mimics her mother’s behavior and the things she says. And as we all know, that might not be a good thing.

According to new reports, it seems like Sophia hates her new grandfather, David. During a new episode of MTV’s Teen Mom OG, Farrah Abraham’s family meets up for dinner at a restaurant for what turns out to be a very disturbing scene. That’s when Sophia tells her grandmother that she never wants to see her again because she’s about to marry David. I mean, can you even believe that an 8-year-old would say such a thing?

That are some very harsh and strong words coming from a little girl that is so young as Sophia. To make matters worse, she does some very disturbing self-harm after Debra starts talking about her wedding plans. Sophia’s behavior forces Farrah to wake up and take her daughter to the restroom for a serious mother and daughter chat.

Here’s what happened.

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