Farrah Abraham Claims She Was Fired From Teen Mom OG

I fully admit that watching MTV’s Teen Mom shows, both Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG are guilty pleasures of mine. Maybe it’s because I’ve basically watched all these now young women grow up on screen that I feel a vested interest in seeing what they’re doing with their lives.

The cast member I’ve always been the most surprised with is Farrah Abraham and how drasticly her life has changed since she was a young, single teen mom. Farrah seemed to have a rough go from the beginning with the father of her now 8 year old daughter Sophia passing away in a car accident before the child was even born, and having a very contentious relationship with her parents.

Farrah Abraham
Credit: WeTV

Farrah is one of the most successful Teen Mom cast members now, although how she’s earned her success is something that a lot of fans have big problems with. Farrah turned to the adult entertainment industry and in addition to filming her own movies, she’s moved on to other adult venues that not everyone is happy with.

In a recent post on social media the reality star claims she’s been fired from her job as a castmember on Teen Mom OG because of her job and the reason she was fired is giving mixed feelings.

farrah abrarham fired
Credit: Instagram / @farrah__abraham

Should she have been fired for this?

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