Farrah Abraham Admits She And Her Daughter Have Questionable Photos Of Each Other

Ew, Farrah...

There have been some pretty strange phrases that have come out of the mouth of Farrah Abraham. I’m sure she’s an amazing mom because she seems to do all she can to make sure her daughter has everything she needs. Also, she didn’t have the best start to motherhood so it’s got to feel good to be able to provide for anything she might need. But, lilke I said, she does some things that are a little hard to understand.

Farrah was only 16-years-old when she got pregnant and had her baby, Sophia. We all got to know her on 16 & Pregnant and then Teen Mom and her story was a little different. The dad to her baby-to-be passed away in a car crash when she was still pregnant. She didn’t get the chance to have the family that she had envisioned, with her, her partner and new baby.

She’s a polarizing person though — it doesn’t seem like anyone can get along with her. She’s opinionated and doesn’t GAF at all about what other people think. That can be a good quality, but not all the time. And she does some “weird” things that make other people raise an eyebrow.

And Farrah Abraham’s latest comments on her relationship with her daughter are definitely doing that.

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