Far Above Average Mom

By: Patricia Walters-Fischer RN

According to the US Census in 2002, the number of people per family household is just under three. That means an average of one to two children for each household. If three is the average size family,

Kathryne Sansone could only be ranked in the far above average range.

Mother of ten, ages twenty to two, Kathryn is the ultimate multitasking mom. Not only does she balance a household of twelve, but does her own laundry, cooks meals, car pools, plays tennis, writes books, occasionally gets a coffee on the go, and runs her website Shape Up Mom

“I can make eight beds faster than anyone,” she laughs when she talked to HMC. “I’m a pick up as I go mom and do laundry everyday.” To keep a handle on the household, she starts her days at six-thirty in the morning, goes to bed around eleven at night, and insists on, “the kitchen and laundry is up to par before going to bed every night.”

There is a great method to the chaos that invades her life everyday, but Kathryn embraces her life with great vigor and love.

Kathryn says she and her husband, Jim, who started dating as teenagers, never talked of having a big family, “but I was always intrigued by the big family and the sibling support you saw.” During her years before marrying, she worked as a teacher and had a great love for children. “Then we got married and had a baby.”

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