Family Sues School District After 12-Year-Old Daughter’s Suicide

It scares me to pieces that I have two children that are going to be tweens in a few years. And it’s not their age that scares me – it’s the world they are about to enter.

Sure, those awful and awkward middle schools years are tough for everyone. Everyone is pressured to look their best, be their best and act their best. Yet, most of the time that’s when their ugly comes out. And while there’s no doubt that bullying has always been a problem, it’s only gotten worse in recent years. That’s because many have managed to do it behind closed doors and computer screens.

If there’s anyone who knows what I’m talking about right now it’s the family of 12-year-old Mallory Grossman from Rockaway Township, New Jersey. She was cyber bullied to the point in which she couldn’t take it anymore and took her own life back in June. And now her parents are trying to look for answers.

Mallory Grossman
Credit: Facebook/Dianne Grossman

They are suing their daughter’s school district for failing to prevent the cyber bullying that led to her death.

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