Family Furious After They Were Kicked Off Delta Flight Over Head Lice

If there’s one thing I fear the most, it’s lice. I’ve heard so many horror stories of parents spending endless weeks trying to get rid of and cleaning those awful, disgusting critters. And they just end up coming back for more. I swear, it’s one of the worst gifts that keep on giving.

Yet, they are also very hard to detect. You don’t see it right away and your kid certainly doesn’t realize that they might or might not have it until they start scratching their heads uncontrollably. That’s why this family from Tennessee was absolutely shocked when they found out that their son had lice on a flight from Paris to Nashville. And they were even more shocked after flight attendant did this after discovering the lice herself.

delta flight
Credit: Shutterstock/ Fasttailwind

Did this family deserve to get treated this way?

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