Family Assistants Are The New Nannies, And We’re Here For It

Cross between a nanny and a personal assistant

It’s not uncommon this day and age for families to hire a nanny to help with childcare. Or a housekeeper to help with household duties. Some families even hire personal assistants to help them manage their day-to-day lives. When you have kids and jobs and a home to maintain, it’s a lot to handle on your own. So making use to available domestic services can be a godsend. But if you need help in all areas of your life, hiring two or more domestic workers can be tedious, not to mention expensive.

What if there was one person who could do it all? Enter family assistants.

Family assistants are like the best of both worlds. They provide childcare like a traditional nanny would, and also support mom and dad like a personal assistant. Deborah Calkins owns a premiere domestic staffing agency in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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She specializes in connecting families with their family assistants. Her job sounds amazing, to be honest. She helps families by finding the perfect candidate, and helps domestic workers land long-term, well-compensated employment. In addition, Deborah is leading the change around what families can expect from hiring domestic help.

Family assistants sound absolutely amazing!

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