Fall into Fitness

Fall into Fitness

By Caitlin Boyle

Fall into fitness! Fire things up this autumn with these fun and practical exercise tips. You’ll head into the winter holidays feeling fit and rejuvenated. Watch out, New Year’s Resolutions — you’re ahead of the game this year!

Fall Back: Daylight Savings Time ends on November 2. This means that it will get lighter earlier, making morning workouts ideal. While it can take time to adjust to morning workouts, they’re worth the effort — you’ll be less likely to blow off your sweat session for holiday office parties, kids’ after school activities, or primetime television.

To ensure you don’t hit the snooze button and actually get out of bed, prep the night before. Lay out your clothes, plan your snack or breakfast, fill your water bottle, find your yoga mat, and – most importantly – get to bed early.

Embrace the Outside: Between the cooler temperatures, beautiful fall foliage, and ice-blue skies, fall is the perfect time to take your workout outside. Try hiking, cycling, or trail running – you’ll be so distracted by nature’s beauty that you won’t notice how hard you’re working!

Sign Up: Fall weather isn’t always fabulous. When it’s too cold or rainy to be outside, hit the gym. Most facilities revamp and expand their group fitness schedule in autumn. Explore new favorites like Crossfit, PiYo, Zumba, bosu ball, and spinning class.

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