Fad Diets: Health or Hype?

Fad Diets: Health or Hype?

By Lambeth Hochwald

Fad Diets, health or hype? Seems like there’s always a new lose-weight-quick scheme every time you turn around — but are these plans safe and effective, or are you better off with traditional diet strategies? Read on as our experts explore four popular diet trends. (And before you try any weight-loss plan, get your doctor’s okay first.)

Fad #1: Juicing

The skinny: Toss a few of your favorite fruits and vegetables into a juicer and sip your low-calorie ‘meals.’

Is it safe? Yes, so long as you use caution, since this diet is severely calorie-restrictive. “A diet that’s focused on fruit and vegetables is nutritionally inadequate,” says Alison Massey, RD, a dietitian at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore.Be prepared to be hungry, too, if you plan to have nothing but juice three times a day. “Juice alone doesn’t give you the sense of fullness you get when you eat a whole fruit or vegetable, including skin, seeds, peel and fiber,” says Sharon Palmer, RD, a dietitian and author of The Plant-Powered Diet. “This is what offers you more nutrients and gets absorbed more slowly into your bloodstream.”

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