Facial Secrets You Can Eat

By: Beth Aldrich

We’ve all heard the phrase, feed your soul, but have you heard, feed your skin?

One of the best-kept, age-defying secrets for moms is to nourish your body, including your skin, with plenty of nutrients from the food you eat. There is plenty of research indicating that consuming certain healthy foods can help prevent wrinkling, sun damage and can keep your skin well hydrated, so let’s take that advice and feed our skin with some super foods.

Here are some useful “facial” finds:


Fruits and vegetables that are high in orange and red pigments are high in antioxidants that can help prevent wrinkles. Sweet potatoes, tomatoes and cantaloupe, for examples, can help keep your skin firm and bright. Add more of these vibrant fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. Instead of making mashed potatoes or baked potatoes with white potatoes, use sweet potatoes topped with brown sugar and a dab of butter. When you eat a sandwich or a salad for lunch, add a few slices of fresh, bright red tomato and instead of eating chips or pretzels, snack on juicy cantaloupe chunks.


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