Eva Mendes Reveals Her Favorite Thing to Do With Hubby Ryan Gosling

I met Eva Mendes at a press event several years ago in her hometown of Miami. I brought my then 14-month-old daughter with me and let me tell you, Eva just gravitated towards her. You could even tell back then that she was a natural mother and that she loved children. And now that she has two daughters of her own, it’s not surprising that her life feels complete.

In fact, the Hollywood actress recently admitted that there’s nothing in this world that she loves doing more than this with her partner Ryan Gosling and their two daughters. Because she’s so happy in her life right now, some believe that she might not be returning to Hollywood anytime soon. Here’s what she has to say.

Eva Mendes
Credit: Instagram/@evamendes

Eva opens up about life with Ryan, getting back her pre-pregnancy body and motherhood.

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