Mother Of Four Is Crowdfunding To Afford A Tummy Tuck And People Are Upset

We think every mom deserves to feel like her HOT self!

When you become a parent, so many things in your life change. You are forever wanting to be doing a million different things to bring your child the best life and you will feel yourself pulled in so many directions. Part of this, sometimes means doing things for you will fall to the side. That’s why we always advocate for a mom to never put off self care. Yes, there are always things your kids might need ahead of you. But, your health and happiness are important, too, and often tied to your kid’s happiness, too. It’s hard for us to understand why people don’t realize the importance of doing things for you, and helping others along the way. One mom decided it was time to put her on the priority list and wanted to do something to help her feel better. Esther Houben took to Facebook to seek support.

The mom of four knew that if she wanted to turn her life around for the better and to start making some positive changes, she would need to look for help. So that’s what she did. Esther Houben took to Facebook and started a fundraising campaign to get the support of friends and family on her journey to happiness.

Well, unfortunately, it didn’t go quite as planned as some people didn’t see the positives that Esther Houben was looking to do.

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Devan McGuinness

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