End the Kid Wars for Good

End the Kid Wars for Good

By Cynthia Hanson

End the kids war for good! Tired of nagging your kids to pick up their dirty clothes to no avail? Do you sound like a broken record repeating, “Eat your veggies”? Good news: You can put an end to the daily battles!

“Most fights come about because a parent is trying to limit, correct or stop something the kid is doing,” says Dr. Fred Zelinger, a child and family psychologist in Cedarhurst, N.Y. “But it’s easier to give a choice than a command. And it’s more effective to plan ahead how you’ll handle certain situations, rather than react in the moment.” So stop squabbling. Try these expert strategies to break four of the most common parent-kid conflicts once and for all. (No nagging required!)

Conflict: Your 9-year-old won’t do her chores.
Chores aren’t negotiable; they’re a fact of family life. Designate a few simple tasks for your child to do every day (e.g., make her bed, set the table) or a few bigger ones for her to do each week (e.g., empty the trash). Set a specific chore time each day and explain that the task must be done before she watches TV or has a playdate. Then enforce the rule!

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