Emotional Groom Is Crying Because Of His Mother-In-Law, Not His Bride-To-Be

Talk about emotions!

While there’s no doubt that we’ve all heard our fair share of scary mother-in-law stories (come on, admit it, you have one, too!), this one will definitely bring you to tears.

Husband-to-be Will Ceaser couldn’t help but tear up a bit when he saw his future wife Lindsey Whitehead walking down the aisle on their wedding day. But what made him really turn on the waterworks is when he saw Lindsey being walked by none other than her mother, who had earlier objected to the wedding.

Wedding guest Patti White told WDAM that when she looked around the church everybody was crying with Will when he started to cry.

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 8.49.33 AM

‘I look around and everyone’s crying. The whole place is crying with him,’ she recalled.

Her husband, Rev. Eddie White, explained to the news website that Lindsey’s parents had previously objected to the couple’s marriage, but her mother showed up unexpectedly on their wedding day.

The video has so far garnered 3.4 million views online. Here’s hoping that the new bride and groom live a long, happy life together that will be filled with nothing but beautiful memories and joy. Check it out below and let us know what you think.


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