No One Takes Better Fan Pics Than Elijah Wood, and We’ve Got the Evidence to Prove It

I’ve had plenty of opportunities to meet big Hollywood stars in the past. In fact, I would often interview them for my job as an entertainment writer or simply check out whatever product line they were promoting at stores like Macys, Nordstroms and Bloomingdales.

And yes, I did always try to get photos with the stars, even if it did feel a little awkward at times. With some stars, you want to get close, but not too close while others make it pretty obvious that they would rather be anywhere but with you (I won’t name any names though).

With that being said, there’s no denying that actor Elijah Wood seems to enjoy interacting with fans at conventions and out in public. In fact, he is the absolute star of celebrity fan photos. You’ve got to see these pics!

Credit: Reddit / NotAnAverageTaunTaun

No one takes fan photos like Elijah Wood!

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