Eco Friendly! Practice Makes Perfect: Small Steps to Going Green

By: Beth Aldrich

Eco Cup FloralEco Friendly! Practice Makes Perfect:  Small Steps to Going Green.  Nowadays, people everywhere are “going green,” but what does that mean, and how can your actions make a difference?  To begin, assess how aware you are of the immediate and residual impact your products and practices have on the planet. If you are causing harm at either of these two levels, whatever you are doing is not a green practice.

I’d like to think that we all want to make the planet a better place. The best place to start is by thinking simple and “sustainable”. Are the products and services that you’re using being depleted, or can they be sustained naturally? What’s consumed should not have a negative impact on your body or the planet in general, or, when that isn’t possible, make choices that have the least negative impact.

The best way to start “living green” is to be open-minded and optimistic about lifestyle changes that have to be made, and then realize that you may not be able to save the rainforest every day, but your simple, small steps can add up to big earthly rewards. Make a personal pledge to the planet and commit to being a part of the solution. Use less, re-use and recycle–everything.

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