Eating Tide Pods Is Not Smart and, Unsurprisingly, Really Bad for You!

The Tide Pod Challenge Swept Social Media at the End of 2017

It’s kind of amazing that articles like this even need to be written, but here we are. In case you missed it (and lucky for you if you did), something called the Tide Pods challenge has been all over news and social media. This challenge involves eating those little detergent pods. That’s it. That’s the challenge. They don’t get you high, they don’t turn you into a zombie. You just eat soap and post a video.

The youth does some pretty stupid stuff, but this ranks really high on the list. And now, because people are actually eating Tide Pods, experts have to issue warnings. Warnings to functioning young adults NOT to eat detergent. OK, maybe “functioning” is stretching it.

We all did stupid stuff when we were kids, right? I remember the big thing when I was a dumb teen was to have someone restrict your airway by pressing on your throat until you passed out. So clearly, the desire to endanger ourselves for fun isn’t a new concept. But eating Tide Pods doesn’t even seem fun. It sounds completely disgusting, and unsurprisingly, can be really harmful to your health. When the American Association of Poison Control Centers has to issue a statement about the dangers of ingesting detergent, things have gone too far.

So what is the deal with eating Tide Pods? And how did this insane internet craze get started?

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