Easy Ways to Look Younger

Easy Ways to Look Younger

By Karyn D. Collins

Easy ways to look younger! Is your mirror showing you someone who looks older than she feels? Of course exercising and eating right will keep you looking and feeling younger over the long haul, but there are also easy changes you can make right now to look younger. Try these beauty tips and tricks to take the years off in a flash!


Wearing the right clothes is key to a younger appearance, says N.J.-based celebrity style expert Dawn Del Russo, author of 101 Glam Girl Ways to an Ultra Chic Lifestyle.

“Some of us go for what we think is comfortable without realizing those things can age us,” Del Russo says. She suggests getting rid of these age-adding wardrobe items:

· Anything too baggy or too tight

· Single-color matching tops and bottoms (Complementary colors create a younger appearance.)

· High-waisted jeans (Look for a low-rise or hip-high fit instead.)

· High-necked tops or shirts buttoned all the way to the collar (Consider V-neck or scoop-neck styles instead.)

· Light-wash denim (Darker washes are more flattering.)

· Square-toed shoes and chunky sandals, except for espadrilles (“I know a lot of women don’t like to hear this, but wearing a ‘comfort-style’ shoe can show your age,” says DelRusso.)


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