Dads Now ‘Dry Nurse’ Babies When Their Mom Is Away

It’s a new trend that you probably haven’t heard of before

Dry nursing is a new trend that is making waves, mostly because fathers are doing it to help moms whenever they are away. In other words, dads are dry nursing – or pretending to breastfeed – as an unorthodox trick to calm their newborns down.

Sounds bizarre? Well, for some families it’s working.

Dry nursing is a new phenomenon that has kids latching on to their father’s nipples – that’s right – in order  their child preoccupied until mama comes home. And a lot of fathers are opening up about their experiences on the internet form Reddit.

As we all know, nursing can be a special bonding them between a mother and a baby. More often than not, a dad can feel left out or disinterested. Of course, dad can always bottle feed but some people will point out that bottle-feeding just isn’t the same as breastfeeding. Well, duh, but a lot of people will argue that you sometimes just can’t go against mother nature.

Well, dry nursing fathers are revolutionizing the way they bond with their babies, regardless of what others might think or say about it. Here’s what you need to know.

These dads love dry nursing and aren’t ashamed of it!

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