9 Reasons You Must Drink Whistler Water!

Water will not only make you look good, but feel good too!

Source: Whistler Water

I have to admit I am a water snob! I can not just drink any bottle of water. When Whistler water reached out to send us some samples, I thought why not.

Whistler water has to be one of the best bottles of water I have had in a long time. It is fresh and has no aftertaste and actually sweet.

Whistler Water is sharing 9 reasons you need to drink water and why this is the best go-to source for quality water.

Whistler Water
Credit: Whistler Water
    1. Drinking water can help your skin stay hydrated and looking radiant by ensuring it doesn’t dry out.
    2. Different water temperatures have different affects on your skin. Warm water opens pores up for cleansing and cold water closes pores to protect against dirt and other contaminants.
    3. Water creates bodily fluids like sweat. Drinking enough water enables your body to sweat, which regulates your body temperature.
    4. A drop in body fluid levels can instantly make you feel tired and drowsy. Be proactive about staying hydrated to keep your energy levels up all day.
    5. The oxygen and electrolytes contained in water is delivered to muscle cells to keep them strong and healthy.
    6. Your mood and cognitive ability are improved when water delivers oxygen to your brain cells.
    7. Your joints and cartilage are lubricated by water. Stay hydrated to promote healthy movement.
    8. Staying hydrated keeps you regular by maintaining the proper balance of fluids in your digestion system.
    9. Minerals, vitamins, hormones, enzymes and antibodies travel in water. Staying  hydrated allows these molecules to get where they need to go to do their job.

Health is am important part of living a fulfilling life, and staying hydrated makes a huge contribution to your health.

Be kind to yourself and your family by ensuring everyone stays hydrated.

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