Dr. Drew Slammed For What He Said About Jenelle Evans During ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion

Did he ~really~ just say that?

There is always a lot of Teen Mom drama. That’s not new and we’ve seen these ladies grow from young teens who become mothers and try and navigate life with a child. There is bound to be drama, the idea of getting pregnant as a teenager is well, dramatic.

The ladies of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 have had their fair share of struggles and one member of the cast in particular seems to have had a harder road than the others. Jenelle Evans came into the land of TV as a member of 16 & Pregnant, expecting her first child. Eventually she moved on to Teen Mom 2 and we watched her struggle with friends, responsibility. She lost custody of her child, Jace, to her mother, she was arrested, and she and her mom fought a lot.

She’s grown a lot over the years, getting married, learning her best to lead a healthy life. She’s had more children and we get to see her mother them and her oldest who still lives with her mother. The show is full of ups and downs and getting to watch her grow, struggle, learn, and live is obviously interesting to many, she show has been on forever.

The recap reunion shows at the end of each season allows the cast to come together and discuss moments that happened in the seasons, hosted by Dr. Drew Pinksy, an addiction medicine specialist, who seems to play that line between pulling out new info from the ladies and offering advice they can take with them.

Well, generally people love him, but he said something to Jenelle at the reunion show a few days ago that riled up fans of the show and people were not happy.

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Devan McGuinness

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