Half A Million Lovey Pacifier And Teether Holders Have Been Recalled

Check your stash!

When you have kids you learn pretty quickly that they get attached to things. Like really easily. Some really love their blankets, others have a special blanket, or some just really don’t do much without their pacifier. We spend so much time worrying about what would happen if we lost that one thing we know they won’t be able to sleep without. Because of our sanity,we often find duplicates of that one special thing so we have backup in case it gets misplaced, left somewhere, or needs to be washed. And the worst is when that thing gets recalled.

And the latest recall will have some parents scrambling, unfortunately. Because one of the big baby companies has issued a recall over their lovey pacifiers and teether holders.

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Yep, two things that are a near staple in so many young families. Lovies and teethers bring great comfort and soothing abilities to our littlest ones. And in doing so, we can find ourselves with a little extra time and sleep.

A recall has been issued for over half a million Lovey Pacifier and Teether Holders in both the United States and Canada.

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