This Doula’s Unexpected Take On When It’s OK To Get An Epidural Is Going Viral

It's Not What You Think

    A recent epidural photo is making the rounds on the internet and it make shock some of you. Childbirth is an extremely personal experience for a woman. No two women have the same experience when having a baby. Some women prefer a natural labor. Others prefer to use pain management like an epidural.

    What is common among most moms is that we all have questions. Most mothers have questions they’re too embarrassed to ask. Childbirth is very scary if you’ve never done it, especially once it starts happening. There’s a lot of misconceptions about having a baby out there. Even more about pain management and the ‘right’ way to give birth.

    If you’ve had a baby you know there’s no ‘right’ way to give birth. Some women have pain free labors. Others may need emergency surgery. Some may choose for that blessed epidural the minute they enter the hospital. But there are many moms who don’t know about pain management in labor.

    Let’s face it, giving birth hurts like a mother! Some people can handle pain better than others. I was one of those women who couldn’t wait for the epidural! I always joked that the first thing I wanted when I entered the hospital was an epidural and everything else could wait.

    Recently an epidural photo was posted on Reddit explaining a doula’s rules for when it’s ok to get an epidural. Trust me when I tell you it’s not what you think!


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