Don’t Pick up the Phone If You Get a Call From These Area Codes

Like most cold-blooded millennials, I pretty rarely answer my phone. I mean, what is the point? Anyone that I actually want to talk to will most likely text or SnapChat me and anyone important enough will most likely leave a voicemail message so I can call them back on my own time.

And let’s face it — I rarely have time to answer the phone anyways. There are usually several small children running around my house at all times and it’s so chaotic I can barely hear myself think, let alone properly converse with someone on the other end.

So yup, most calls I get on my cell phone go straight to voicemail. Unless it’s my husband, occasionally my sister, or it’s my kids’ school, in which I will answer. And as much as I have an aversion to picking up my phone when it rings, it appears that I have every good reason to avoid answering the phone because phone scams are on the rise.

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See how you can tell if you’re being scammed!

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Chaunie Brusie

Chaunie Brusie is a freelance writer, former magazine editor, author, mom of four, and a registered nurse with experience in OB, long-term and step-down care.

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